Bare Hands Climbing Gym


Play hard!

If you are a first time climber, please ask staff for some guidance. We are happy to help you have fun and climb safely. Rental climbing shoes and chalk bags are available at the gym. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and bring your own pair of socks.

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Registration Fee ¥ 1,080
Adult Students Under 15
Day Pass ¥ 1,800 ¥ 1,400 ¥ 1,080
Day Pass, 2 Hours(extension+¥500) ¥ 1,400 ¥ 1,100 ¥ 800
Monthly Membership ¥ 9,800 ¥ 7,560 ¥ 5,800
6 Months Membership ¥ 49,000 ¥ 37,800 ¥ 32,400
Annual Membership ¥ 89,000 ¥ 68,800 ¥ 52,800
10 Tickets ¥ 16,200 ¥ 12,600 ¥ 9,720
Adult Students Under 15
Visitors ¥ 2,400 ¥ 2,000 ¥ 1,600
Adult Students Under 15
Rental Shoes ¥ 400
Rental Chalk ¥ 100
(No charge at the first registration)

Bare Hands

TEL 092-707-6639


Monday~Thursday 13:00~23:00
Saturday, Sunday, holiday 11:00~21:00
Friday closed
Nanakuma Family Bowling
8-4-8 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
How to Find US
七隈ファミリープラザボウリング入り口 ベアハンズ入り口


リラックススペース ソファ スツール

Chill Out

Take a break on the couch with a hot drink available from the “Relaxation room”. You’re allowed to bring in your own snacks.

更衣室 手、足洗い場 レンタルシューズ

Other services

Changing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, hand-wash, foot-wash are available. Climbing shoes and chalk bags are also available to rent at the gym.




The tower consists of 5 walls. It is good for beginners who are learning the basics and good for advanced climbers when warming up and cooling down.



This wall tests your creative climbing. It improves your climbing skill but also tests your problem solving skill.


130 degrees angle

Direct moves, tricky techniques and the best aspects of bouldering are all put into this powerful wall.


3D wall

Enjoy the various sensitive and dynamic movements.


Vertical wall

This 8m wide wall is a great place to practice balancing and foot work.


110 degrees angle

The wall trains you to grip holds technically and physically.


Welcome to Bare Hands Climbing

Thank you for visiting our website.
My name is Iseki from Bare Hands Climbing Gym.

I first started climbing just for fun when I was a university student.
After spending lots and lots of time on climbing, having lots of pains on my muscles and losing a lot of finger skin(!) it became a big part of my life.
Climbing has also given me a lot of motivation, achievements, confidence and opportunity to meet people.
It is a very fascinating sport where everyone encounters the same “problems” on the same walls, no matter if they’re beginners or in the national team,
I hope you feel the same as I do.
Let's TRY!!

I hope Bare Hands Climbing gym will give you lots of joy in your life.

2014年 福岡県代表国民体育大会出場
2015年 福岡県代表国民体育大会出場

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